Digital preservation

With best practice data treatments and purpose built technology, we ensure your valuable content is digitally preserved to the highest standard and longevity.


Via digitisation or from existing systems, we offer a streamlined process with metadata extraction and file mapping and matching.


Using the power of world's leading open source digital preservation platform - Archivematica - we simplify and automate actions to provide enrichment to data, while normalising files and preparing Archival Information Packages (AIPs).


We have a range of access options available, including instant online access, physical access via a piqlReader and requested access (for offline only information. All data preserved with Piql offers a higher guarantee of access further into the future.


""The greater the importance of digital materials, the greater the need for their preservation: digital preservation protects investment, captures potential and transmits opportunities to future generations and our own

- Digital Preservation Coalition

Digital preservation has never been easier

piqlConnect is our intelligent data profiling, long-term archiving and access solution that includes  standards based digital preservation, advanced search capabilities, online access  and long-term offline storage.

Storage and access

piqlConnect illustrative - image - Piql AS - 002

Instant access

Enjoy instant access to all your online information at your fingertips via piqlConnect.
If your data is offline, you can still access your file directory and manage your collection.

piqlReader - image - 019 - Credit EGGS


All data stored on piqlFilm, locally or in the Arctic World Archive, can be retrieved via piqlConnect or your local Piql representative.

Arctic World Archive vault entrance


This award-winning reader is perfect for clients who wish to maintain control and access of offline archives. It’s compact, easy to use and highly efficient, allowing you to read your piqlFilm at any time.

Ensuring permanent access

Intelligent profiling for enhanced discovery

With Dublin Core metadata (12 levels) and optional customisation, we ensure you maintain easy access to your files and never lose what you need.

Open-source design

To ensure our solutions can stand the test of time , we have designed all our technology to be open-source and function independent of existing technology.

Guaranteed future access

We don't know what will be available in centuries to come so piqlFilm was designed to ensure that you can retreive your data no matter what. Everything you need to access your information is stored on the piqlFilm in human readbale language and all data can be manually extracted with a light, camera and computer.


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