With a proven track record of successful deliverables around the world, we can help with any archiving project using our network of experts.

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Pre-digitization services

We can help design any type of archival workflow, classify your information analogue content, create resource plans and manuals for document management.

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Digitization services

Having worked with some of the best expertise in the world on a wide range of digitization projects, covering everything from books, manuscripts and documents to transformation of audiovisual content or 3D scanning of monuments. Read more about our digitization services

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Post-digitization and born digital data services

We help you assess your digital collection, offer customized ways of ingesting data, can help migrate, validate and exchange information ensuring data interoperability, file format normalization and conversion and support multiple ways of digital preservation and digital archiving.

Information security services

With proven expertise, we can help you design a project that will optimise your archive in support of your organisational goals. This includes risk analysis, development and reviews of security frameworks and architecture, incident response planning, supplier risk management and even penetration testing.

Optimising your archive

Best practice

By implementing a best practice approach to your archive’s organisation and functionality, you can extract far greater value from your information and records. An optimised catalogue will improve searchability and ease of use, providing opportunity for future monetisation of your content.

Compliance and training

We can help you achieve compliance, equip you through workshops and training, developing new tools, integration with existing systems, and developing monetisation strategies.

Expert guidance

Our team of experts can guide you and help you implement even the most complex archive and solve your challenges.

Archivematica expertise and support

Do you need some help with the world’s leading open source digital preservation software?


We can develop custom made modules for ingest, data treatment and access.


We can integrate the platform into your existing infrastructure and develop and effective and efficient digital preservation workflow.


We offer support packages for Archivematica – for when you need us.


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Norwegian Armed Forces Museum

CASE STUDY Norwegian Armed Forces Museum As part of a major digital transformation project, the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum was looking for a solution to

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European Space Agency

CASE STUDY ESA engages with Piql in digital transformation and preservation project The European Space Agency (ESA) has chosen Piql to support its long-term digital

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