Introducing Protect

We protect business
critical data.

Unhackable, offline and off grid.

A cloud service for those that consciously and proactively care for their information and wants to make sure it remains accessible in its authentic form whatever happens, – now, tomorrow or in the future.

What makes Piql different?

Piql's technology is built on open source principles to ensure information needed to access the data is never locked away or reliant on proprietary software.

All information needed to recover the information including source code, file format specifications and instructions for building technology is stored on each piqlFilm alongside the data in human readable text.


As an offline, offgrid and permanent medium, your data is safe from all online threats and kept in a secure vault.


Storing your data with Piql means your information remains authentic and permanent.


Migration Free

Avoid the risk of data loss or data corruption.



Piql's technology is incredibly robust and designed to last for 2000 years.

Learn about piqlFilm


Piql's technology is Open Source and all the information you need to access the data is stored in human readable txt on the piqlFilm.


Lowest carbon footprint of any storage technology!

Connecting today with tomorrow

piqlConnect provides online and offline data storage, value added functionality for your data as well as easy search, find and access, - all through a simple and intuitive user interface.

This new online service complements our purpose-built offline secure storage technology, piqlFilm.

The combination offers a truly unique service: instant online access combined with a secure data protection, archival or long-term preservation of your data.


Ready to Start Protecting Your Data?


  • 1 user
  • 2 custom metadata schemas
  • Viruscheck of files
  • Single and multiple files and folders ingest
  • Create folder structure
  • Bulk ingest of files and folders (option)*
from €39 /month

45-day Free Trial

Data Storage and Vault Pricing


Offline data storage on the non-hackable piqlFilm.

from €19 /GB

Physical Storage

Physical storage of the piqlFilm in a secure Vault.

from €0,035 /GB/mo

Online Storage

Online hot data storage in the cloud.

from €0,035 /GB/mo

Ready to start protecting your data?

"The collaboration with Piql has given us the knowledge and expertise to long-term archiving and storage that ensures our valuable content is securely safeguarded for future generations as an integral part of our long-term strategy of digitisation and archiving in the Museum."

profile picture
Jan Ingar Hansen
Project Manager, Norwegian Armed Forces Museum