Piql outperforms traditional storage media and offers the highest level of cyber security.

Resistant to electromagnetic radiation

We have revolutionised data security by storing digital data on 35mm film. This offline, off-grid and permanent medium ensures your data is safe from all online threats and is kept in one of our secure vaults.

Trusted by the most impactful in the world

We provide customized solutions and industry expertise to organizations to improve their cybersecurity and protect against evolving threats by securing data offline and off-grid.

With industry standard encryption.

Rune besides the cinevator

You're in full controll of your own data, store it anywhere you like.

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The PiqlBox

Github chooses Piql for perpetual data storage

Github wanted a secure sustainable storage facility for storing information in a secondary location outside of the United States.

Case Study
Github chooses Piql for perpetual data storage.
Storage Formats

By default, your data is written in digital format keeping the authenticity and integrity of your files.

Allocating meaning to all your archived files

High quality service delivery, expertise and well thought-out workflows are critically important when transitioning content from analogue to digital with an ambition to store it for a long time.

Four steps to unhackable data storage

1. Identify your critical data, and start uploading it to Connect.

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2. Add metadata with AI. Structure data like never before.

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3. Encrypt your data, and submit it to be written to piqlFilm.

4. Choose storage location, at Piql or your own vault.

Best SDRS for big corporations

Secure, preserve, or archive your data forever. Emission free.

What you’ll get

  • 1 User
  • Virus scanning of all files
  • Upload through browser, FTP, or APIs
  • Secure offline storage offgrid in Norwegian mountain vault
  • Retrieve data from offline copy within one business day
  • Online copy of data possible for instant access
  • Encryption of data (option)


Emission-free SDRS with guaranteed rapid recovery in the event of a cyber-attack

Cancel anytime.

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The Piql Team together

In the event of a crisis, our team works around the clock to help your business retrieve your data.

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Because your data deserves the best chance at survival and longevity. We're here to make that happen.

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