Saving office records for BECIL in India

Broadcast of Engineering Consultants India Limited (BECIL) has significant office records from each department that were never digitized. BECIL was looking for various solution about how they can build a system that can also manage their digitized data. These records also needed long-term storage. Piql offers an optimal solution that meets all compliance requirements, guarantees no data loss, and provides a secure storage for an extended period.


BECIL provides project consultancy services and turnkey solutions. They also provide associated services, like building design and construction related to broadcasting, as well as HR-related activities, such as training and manpower supply. This all leads to the creation of large amounts of data for Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, and more.

BECIL carries a large paper archive requiring a lot of maintenance and is not easy to manage. Finding and accessing files is a very slow and time-consuming process, and it is completely manual. Without digitization, the risk of physical data weathering away, disappearing, becoming unusable, or being destroyed by any calamity is always present. Long-term preservation of this data without migration and maintenance was a key priority for the organization. Frequent technology changes was also a factor for the organization not being able to finalize a digital solution.

For BECIL, finding a digital, long-term, searchable, maintenance-free, and secure solution was a key priority.


Needing a safe and secure digital solution, it sought the only truly secure digital medium, offering incredible resilience, ensured authenticity, and guaranteed data integrity with migration.

Piql’s cutting-edge technology offers the benefits of both the unique qualities of the traditional, analog, physical solution and digital information. By storing digital information on the repurposed photosensitive film, known as piqlFilm, we ensure that data remains authentic, accessible, and secure. As a physical medium, it is not exposed to cyber threats or data manipulation and is completely immune to electromagnetic pulses (EMP), that would destroy any other alternate medium.

The information stored and written once, can be read many times, ensuring the contents survival for 1250 years, and is unchangeable, providing absolute authenticity for compliance and legal purposes.

BECIL chose Piql to digitally transform their paper records, providing online accessibility through PiqlConnect with a continuous production as and when required.

This optimized workflow provided enhanced efficiency, integration with management software, and enhanced searchability, security, and accessibility.

This has resulted in document retrieval time reduced from days to minutes.