Preserving Indonesia’s land records

Indonesia’s National Land Agency (Badan Pertanahan Nasional) carries out government duties in the land sector, including stipulation of policies in land infrastructure, acquisition, and management of state property. With a constantly increasing pressure on their active servers, the Agency needed a practical archival workflow to handle non-active information and records.


Data cools quickly, faster than you might expect. After an average of just 90 days, data is completely cold and no longer active. Leaving this data on active servers can be expensive and limit speed and productivity.

For the National Land Agency this non active data was proving a challenge. With an incremental increase in the number of documents that need to be stored each year, the Agency’s active servers were becoming overloaded, creating expensive data storage expansion needs.

In addition, data that needs to be kept for historical or legal purposes should also be carefully cared for, ensuring it is checked for vulnerabilities and stored in appropriate formats to ensure that the file can be opened in the future.

Leaving archival information on an active server likely means that it will miss these important preservation actions and may be difficult to find and open in the future.

To solve this challenge, the Agency was looking for an offline archival solution that ensure the data would be available in the future.


The Agency appreciated Piql’s approach to archiving, presented by Piql’s official reseller in Indonesia, PT Reycom Document Solusi (RDS).

With data stored digitally but also permanently, the Agency never has to worry about migrating the data, while enjoying the peace of mind that the documents will always be recoverable.

As an initial project, several hundred gigabytes of data, including land measurements, historical titles and other land documents in PDF format were treated for preservation and digitally preserved onto piqlFilm.

These files have value both historically and legally. Ensuring access to a true authentic record remains incredibly important.

Piql’s unique solution allows for digital access to the files (enabling metadata searching and access to the original file, not just a representation of it), while ensuring the true authentic record cannot be changed or manipulated once on piqlFilm.

Piql’s technology is the only digital technology that offers both long-term accessibility as well as a permanent authentic record.

In addition, removing this data from the active servers now also creates opportunity for higher productivity for active data.


RDS is hopeful of further projects with the National Land Agency.