Vintage Cloud and Piql join forces for high quality service

The most efficient provider of high-quality film digitization and restoration services, Vintage Cloud, is joining forces with the most trusted and resilient digital preservation provider in the world—Piql AS.

Vintage Cloud offers leading technology for high speed film digitization, restoration and metadata extraction (using artificial intelligence). Known for quality and speed, this partnership now offers clients the chance to preserve their newly restored films to safeguard them for centuries to come.

Piql’s film-based preservation technology has been tested to last for centuries with guaranteed future accessibility. This means that no matter what technology is available in the future, all preserved films will be restored in authentic form and quality.

Bringing together such complementary services offers so many benefits for our clients and we look forward to working with Piql.

CEO of Vintage Cloud, Peter Englesson

This collaboration now offers clients a unique end-to-end service, with trusted technology, incredible quality and longevity.

Piql also offers storage in the Arctic World Archive—a safe and secure location to preserve digital memory, in a world where few places are safe from natural and man-made disasters.

We want to give our clients the best service possible and we are thrilled to offer world leading film digitization and restoration to complement our suite of services

Founder and Managing Director of Piql, Rune Bjerkestrand

Both Vintage Cloud and Piql are committed to safeguarding our audio-visual heritage. This partnership provides a platform for the digitization, restoration, metadata extraction and preservation of films with immense cultural value for the benefit of future generations.


Vintage Cloud is a world leader in the technologies required to ensure the fast and safe digitization of valuable film archives. The company’s goal is to help its customers quickly and easily monetize their assets by making them more accessible with tools that are cost-effective, innovative and intuitive and designed for the delicate task. Vintage Cloud’s founders have, collectively, over 80 years of experience in the movie industry – experience which has seen the development of Steenbeck Digitizer, the first true all-in-one film archive digitization system that is characterized by its unprecedented ease of use, flexibility, speed and affordability. Vintage Cloud was founded in 2012, and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company acquired film editing table manufacturer Steenbeck in 2016.


Piql is a specialist provider of long-term digital preservation. We offer tailored services to a range of sectors including historical and memory, audio visual, private enterprise and government.

We preserve digital data by printing it, using QR technology (binary code), onto photosensitive piqlFilm. By printing this data to film, we ensure that it can last for hundreds of years, without the need for migration. The data is secure, unalterable and can be recovered without the risk of data loss. It is the only service of its kind and the only offline, migration-free, self-contained technology available for long term digital preservation.

The technology is also future proof, allowing the data to be manually extracted, should our piqlReader not be available.

Piql also offers storage in the Arctic World Archive, an offline vault deep in an Arctic mountain holding precious world memory. The archive ensures the protection of the most sensitive and irreplaceable data for future generations. Growing all the time, the Archive holds treasures including The Scream by Edvard Munch, ancient manuscripts from the Vatican Library, and archives from various nations.