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We are super excited to announce the partnership with Metrofile Vysion in South Africa. They are a part of the Metrofile Group, which is a leading global records and information management specialist, providing clients with end-to-end solutions for the complete information management lifecycle, allowing them to extract maximum value from their information assets.

Metrofile Vysion is a business process optimisation company. Using best-in-class technology and legacy of understanding document management, they streamline and optimise business processes that drive a company’s’ bottom line. Eliminating manual and paper processes drives efficiency to reduce costs, save time, eliminate human errors and increase customer satisfaction. We believe that this perfectly coincides with our value proposition of keeping information alive, secure and accessible for the future.

Rune Berkestrand, CEO of Piql, says "We are very excited about the partnership with Metrofile Vysion. A very competent and ambitious team were our unique services for secure storage and archival combines elegantly with what they do – creating more value for their clients across South Africa and beyond".