piqlReader wins award for great design

Our newest piece of technology has already made its mark winning a prestigious DOGA award.

A digitized version of “Scream” by Edvard Munch was Thursday deposited in the Arctic World Archive by the National Museum of Norway. The Vatican Library and the National Museum of Brazil were also amongst the participants of an international ceremony aiming at preserving irreplaceable data for future generations.

This is simply good design, where form and function are well taken care of. It is exciting how piqlReader has been given an almost nostalgic expression while being unmistakably high-tech and modern. We experience piqlReader as a holistic and well-thought-out product that solves the potentially big problem of reliable data storage for many companies in an elegant way. We are not surprised by the great interest in the international market. New piqlReader has the potential to solve an important and growing problem for many companies and organizations when other storage methods are not secure enough or unsuitable for other reasons.

The jury says this about the piqlReader

The piqlReader was designed in collaboration with EGGSDesign, and built by our friends at Trondrud Engineering.