Piql wins two major eArchiving projects

It is our pleasure to announce our continued commitment to the eArchiving initiative with two new exciting projects, recently granted by the EU and the responsible organisation, HADEA.

The first project, eArchiving for Engineering and Science Library, is a project in collaboration with Piql, Airbus in Spain, and the Slovak Academy of Science.

Piql will lead the project and support both partners to deploy digital preservation systems in accordance with the eArchiving specifications. In addition, the project will enhance eArchiving by introducing two new use cases for data types to be archived in accordance with the European standard for long-term storage of valuable information.

It is expected that this work will help—not only the specific organisations to increase their level of knowledge in how to preserve their data—but to also bring new knowledge into to eArchiving consortium as the project will encounter different challenges than what the existing specifications have been tested against. We believe this could be of benefit to lots of new organisations, specifically in the fields of engineering, research and science libraries around the world.

An important part of the project will be to build new preservation modules for piqlConnect (Piql’s preservation system) and provide a user friendly and simple way of preserving engineering and science library information. The project has kicked off now and will last until early 2023.

The second eArchiving project is being led by the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Science (XAMK) and together with the Estonian Academy of Arts and Finnish service provider Disec, the consortium is focused on finding strong methods for the preservation of electronic records management systems (ERMS).

The project will take different kinds of ERMS and export the relevant archival information for ingestion into various preservation systems, establishing robust and automated preservation methods for these kinds of information systems.

In this project Piql will draw on its experience from the eArk eHealth project to source and develop effective methods of ingesting records management systems into open-source preservation platforms like Archivematica. The project will kick off in September and last until early 2023.

These two projects follow on from our e-archiving contribution towards a new archiving specification for patient journals and health related information packages.