Piql partners with National Library and Archives of the UAE for Digital Preservation of original data

The Norwegian data preservation company Piql has signed a cooperation agreement with the National Library and Archives (NLA) of the UAE, and Piql’s partner in the UAE, Melara Middle East. The partnership will enable NLA to provide permanent original data conversion and preservation services for digital preservation of the National Library and Archives, making it a distinguished and unique centre of its kind globally, that combines archive expertise with unique and sustainable Piql technology.

The National Library and Archives of the UAE will be the first archival centre in the Arab world and the Middle East to contract with Piql, obtaining its non hackable, immutable and permanent data storage technology. The right will include original data conversion and preservation services securely for long periods of time, – up to more than two thousand years, including digital preservation services for the UAE, the GCC countries, the Middle East and North Africa.

The agreement was signed at the National Library and Archives in the presence of His Excellency Steen Arne Rosnes, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to the UAE. Representing the National Library and Archives, His Excellency Abdullah Majed Al Ali, Director General, signed the agreement, together with Mr. Youchaa Khodr, General Manager of Melara Middle East, while Rune Bjerkestrand, Managing Director, signed on behalf of Piql.

His Excellency Abdullah Majid Al Ali said:

"We are keen to transform information and safely preserve it for future generations using the latest technological solutions, and the cooperation that we are determined to bring us together with Piql and Melara Middle East in accordance with the terms of the agreement we signed today is a practical step and an achievement on the road to archiving, documenting and preserving the memory of the homeland and fortifying it according to the latest and most advanced international technologies to ensure its safety for successive generations, and the possibility of accessing information easily and easily."

He added,

"As we continue the march in the field of collecting the memory of the homeland and preserving it safely, long-term, our attention is primarily focused on preserving the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and on recording the achievements of our wise leadership, which followed the triumphant march in development, prosperity and progress, and has dazzled the world with its achievements."

His Excellency pointed out that this agreement is a continuation of the stage of converting traditional documents into digital, as it contributes to embodying the future interest of the National Library and Archives in designing a future worthy of the UAE's glorious history and ancient heritage, and preserving it in accordance with the highest standards, best practices and international technologies in converting digital data and preserving it in a sustainable and high-precision process.

“We in Piql are grateful for, and very proud of the collaboration and partnership with the National Library and Archives of the UAE and Melara Middle East.
Together we shall ensure that the culture, history, tradition, achievements and legacy of the United Emirates and its Late Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed and his fellow Rulers, shall be preserved and protected in its guaranteed authentic form for millennia to come.
Our joint ambition is the create a national and regional outstanding Centre of Excellence of Digital Preservation based at NLA in Abu Dhabi, delivering a unique combination of digital transformation and digital preservation services to all Arabic speaking countries and beyond”

said Rune Bjerkestrand, Managing Director of the Norwegian technology company Piql.

“Melara Middle East is always proud by providing innovative solutions, yet nothing makes us more proud than joint forces with one of most advanced Archives leaders like National Library & Archives in UAE and unique technology provider Piql.
This cooperation will shift long time data preservation industry to a non-competitive level. NLA, Piql and Melara collectively are working towards safeguarding authentic, important, and irreplaceable data along with ensuring its preservation for future retrieval. This initiative not only preserves the nation's heritage but also contributes to the regional and global efforts of safeguarding knowledge and information for our treasures”

said General Manager, Youchaa Khodr, of Melara.