Piql and Safespring collaborate for enhanced services

Safespring, a Swedish cloud service provider, known for safety and high-quality service, is collaborating with the trusted and resilient digital preservation provider—Piql AS.

Safespring supplies locally produced safe cloud services, enabling high quality performance and protection, in line with Swedish and Norwegian standards and regulations. Known for its premium service, this collaboration presents highly secure offline storage opportunities for clients.

Piql, known for keeping data safe offline for centuries, can now offer clients a new standard of high-quality online storage hosted in Safespring and accessed through the same Piql experience.

This collaboration makes it easy for our customers to stay compliant with local regulations and at the same time keep up with the digitalization of governmental institutions and companies that’s happening right now.

CEO at Safespring, Fredric Wallsten

Rune Bjerkestrand, Managing Director of Piql, said that this is a natural partnership with both companies focused on the safe storage of data.

This service expands our secure storage to the online environment in addition to our offline system, providing high speed access for all client archival data.

Founder and Managing Director of Piql, Rune Bjerkestrand

The new service is being seamlessly integrated to the Piql workflow. Clients can enjoy instant access to digital files or archival packages by enabling the Piql online storage option. All files are automatically ingested to a secure online data center in Norway, with access to online files through the same Piql user interface as offline files.

‘The service is optimised for clients that need easy access and store large number of files at a low cost, type e-archives, governmental agencies or web applications for publishing data. There are no upfront or transfer costs, simply pay as you go,’ Rune said.

Both Piql and Safespring are committed to providing safe, high quality data storage services and this collaboration strengthens these services.