German TV program on Piql watched by millions

A 15-minutes clip on Germany’s most popular science program, “Galileo”, covers their trip to Drammen and Svalbard to deposit first show from March 1998.

In February we were visited by a delegation from German TV show “Galileo” at the Piql headquarters in Drammen, Norway. They came with a hard disk that contained the first episode of the show, aired in March 1998. They wanted to deposit this show in the Arctic World Archive, so we transferred the file to piqlFilm.

A couple of weeks later we met again, on Svalbard. They flew in from Germany to document the deposit of their data to the Arctic World Archive. The film with their data is now safely stored on the shelves of our vault on Svalbard.

A 15-minutes clip about the process has now been aired in Germany and made available internationally on YouTube. The show containing Piql became one of their most popular episodes in 2018 with more than 2 million live viewers. Few days after its release on YouTube, the clip has already reached more than 140 000 viewers.

“Galileo” is a TV program on science that is produced and broadcasted on ProSieben, Germany’s second-largest privately-owned television company. The show is also sold to broadcasters in various other countries.

The TV program can be viewed on YouTube.