Digital art and NFTs deposited for eternity

Top Dog Studios, - a well-known NFT studio made an engagement around an innovative initiative to preserve its non-fungible tokens as well as the works of 15 other upcoming digital artists into the future. The initiative eases the digital and analog world and refers to the Arctic World Archive as a “non-fungible vault”. The deposit of “COHORT 1” was made during an exclusive ceremony on March 17th, 2022, which many of the renowned artists attended and accompanied with an exclusive stay on Svalbard.

What is Top Dog?

Top Dog Studios is the innovative and creative studio behind the world-famous Top Dog Beach Club NFT (non-fungible tokens) collection, consisting of 7,500 Top Dog NFTs and 6,800 Top Cat NFTs and related pieces of digital art. The studio is considered to be one of the most well-known and successful studios selling both unique and creative non-fungible tokens and has been featured countless times in media for their cool dog and cat collectible images.


When you own an NFT, you do not actually own the artwork, - you own a reference to the image file containing the digital art, which is stored on a data server somewhere in the world. The reference is like a digital smart contract that references the buyer’s information to the image file. If the digital image file is deleted or destroyed, the NFT would be worthless, due to the artwork simply no longer existing.

For starters, the token with the smart contract might not link directly to the asset. Or the asset could be on a centralized provider that could eventually shut down. The NFT could merely link to a URL, which means that whatever is stored on that URL can be changed.

Like other data in the world, everything in the digital scene/ world is prone to alteration, either through man-made actions or by the powers of nature. Arctic World Archive (AWA), and the company behind the technology, Piql, are thriving for a resilient future in the “old school” format. With new and trendy technology flaring up on a daily basis, more valuable data from digital stuff such as programs, images, documents, presentations, etc.. derive, and upon creation and stored on a server, - is instantly exposed to the danger data servers are prone to.


67,531 NFTs were deposited into the Arctic World Archive during an exclusive ceremony on March 17th, 2022, where they will be safe from natural, man-made disasters, and online threats for thousands of years. Top Dog Studios claim that the stored NFTs total “vault market cap” is $763,144,131. Representatives from Piql, Top Dog Studios, and some of their most important artists and collectors based in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Georgia were present in Longyearbyen for the ceremony. The event was live streamed for hundreds of curious NFT collectors and engaged fans, and the depositing event received heightened recognition and engagement through posting and live streaming from various social media accounts owned by the artists attending.

The contribution of NFTs will be done in two stages/cohorts, whereas Cohort one has already been deposited in the Arctic World Archive, and Top Dog Studios is currently inviting new partners for the second cohort through its «non-fungible vault» promotional page (

“COHORT ONE” deposited the following NFT collections in the Arctic World Archive: