The leading real-time digital film recorder

Cinevator is the leading real-time digital film recorder and printer in the motion picture industry due to its speed, image quality and versatility.

The Cinevator prints digital motion pictures to 35 mm film for projection in analog cinemas. Since its launch in 2004, Cinevator has created a new standard in the industry:

  • 100 times faster than competitors (a 90 min feature film is printed in 90 minutes)<br>Best-in-class image quality Sound and subtitles are added simultaneously

Cinevator is used by major film studios and post-production companies worldwide. It allows you to produce distribution prints with sound and subtitles directly from the digital source. The results are time savings and cost savings for our clients.


In 2008, Cinevator was awarded the Red Dot Design Award


Some of our clients

“Speed, simplicity and quality are the words that describe why Deluxe chose Cinevator“


One platform - several applications

Cinevator is an industrial platform for 35mm real-time recording or printing, at a speed of 24/25 frames per second. The image quality can be 2K or HD. A high-power LED light source and DLP® imaging engine ensure superb colour fidelity and density. The high-precision zoom lens provides flexibility in chosen print format, an unmatched image quality and pixel accurate 2K and HD exposure, with no need for digital scaling or intermediation.

The recording platform is enhanced with negative and/or positive print, sound and subtitle options, to ensure you get a system tuned to the needs of your market

Cinevator one
For production of negative intermediate and interpositive prints, which are used in the various stages in the analog film post production process.

Cinevator direct-to-print
For production of release prints with image, sound and subtitles directly from the digital source. You get cost-effective prints at an unmatched image quality.

Cinevator five
Our most flexible option that allows you to produce negative intermediates, interpositives, negative film, or distribution copies with sound and subtitles.

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