Long-term information storage

We can ensure your valuable information is archived appropriately for any length of time, with guaranteed accessibility.

Online management

Whether you want your data online or offline, we make management of your information simple. Simply choose your files for upload and we look after the rest. You can send files to offline storage at any time and request retrieval with a single click.


To ensure you can find your information we apply intelligent profiling to your data. This includes at least 12 levels of metadata along with other contextual information for both online and offline storage.

Arctic World Archive

Our exclusive offering allows you to store your valuable information in the ultimate data repository. Data stored in AWA can last for centuries, offering unique security, stability and sustainability.

The power of piqlFilm

Our unique approach to data protection, archival and preservation ensures that data are secure, non-hackable, immutable, immune to cyberattacks, electromagnetic and radioactive radiation.

piqlFilm and piqlBox

- access to all your online and offline data

Our purpose-built platform with tools to extract and add metadata enables you to easily search, find and retrieve data.

Helping you stay compliant

Data retention

Many documents and data types need to be kept for long periods of time. Piql can help meet your compliance needs, ensuring that your information is always available when you need it.

Intelligent profiling for enhanced discovery

With Dublin Core metadata (12 levels) and optional customisation, we ensure you maintain easy access to your files and never lose what you need.

Immutable WORM medium

As a Write Once Read Many (WORM) medium that is permanent, data is more secure than online and meets international data retention regulations, including OAIC, FAIR, FDA, and other enterprise-level regulations.

Storage and access

piqlConnect illustrative - image - Piql AS - 002

Instant access

Enjoy instant access to all your online information at your fingertips via piqlConnect.
If your data is offline, you can still access your file directory and manage your collection.

piqlReader - image - 019 - Credit EGGS


All data stored on piqlFilm, locally or in the Arctic World Archive, can be retrieved via piqlConnect or your local Piql representative.

Arctic World Archive vault entrance


This award-winning reader is perfect for clients who wish to maintain control and access of offline archives. It’s compact, easy to use and highly efficient, allowing you to read your piqlFilm at any time.


Industrial union

Industrial Union in Finland

CASE STUDY Clever preservation for the Industrial Union in Finland Teollisuusliitto, the Industrial Union in Finland, actively promotes and advocates the rights and benefits of

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