Media and entertainment

The variety of formats information can be stored in, often involving licenses, compression or very large file-sizes represents an interesting challenge for this industry. Piql offers an innovative solution that caters for all file formats, guaranteeing no data loss.

From analogue formats to born digital content, we can help restore organise and safeguard your audio visual assets to ensure access well into the future.

Motion pictures

In the past, motion picture film masters were preserved through analogue B/W film with colour separation technology. This is an expensive and complicated process, that can result in quality loss. With this solution, audio must be stored separately, often on short term media solutions or tape.


Maintaining audio quality is incredibly important for archiving and digital preservation. Migration of data from one medium to the next every few years can negatively impact on audio quality. Careful digital capture of analogue content is also crucial to preserve the authenticity and longevity of analogue content.

Sporting histories

Sporting teams are a core part of our society and are full of rich history, cherished by their communities.

Valued benefits

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Future proof

R&D PROJECT: bringing AV archives to life

With so much content stored in analogue archives, our research and development聽project, AV-Treasure will activate the treasure trove into the digital age, by giving聽direct and easy online access to searchable digital archives and have them securely聽preserved for future use.

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Highlights of our holistic service offering

  • OAIS and IASA compliant
  • Compatible with all file types incl. non-standard formats
  • No compression necessary
  • Ability to store masters, tracks and raw audio together.
  • Leading restoration and digitization available for multimedia items
  • Digital and visual archival available
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Proven longevity
  • Guaranteed future accessibility and authenticity
  • HEVC compression supported

Relevant case studies

Mj酶ndalen sporting history

CASE STUDY Mj酶ndalen sporting history As a local athletes鈥 organisation with more than 110 years of local history and presence in the community, Mj酶ndalen IF

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