A Horizon2020 project


Piql has been granted support for our piqlFilm-GO project by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program, Fast Track to Innovation, under grant agreement 820525

Project aim

This project will ultimately finetune and enhance our technology to the enable rapid production and maturation of piqlFilm. This means a higher quality product for the end clients, and ensures fast delivery of long-term data storage services even when the customer base grows.

We are proud to be recognised as one of Europe’s most innovative companies and these projects will enable us to mature our services for the benefit of existing and future clients,’ he said. Such a project is only made possible with our solid and innovative relationships with partner film producers Filmotec and Inoviscoat in Germany, and Boneheadz, an IT and media system integrator in Slovakia.

- Founder and Managing Director of Piql, Rune Bjerkestrand


Through constant innovation, we are transforming the market for long term data storage and preservation. We are solving the needs of our clients with a focus on guaranteed data authenticity and integrity, and on keeping data for centuries. This directly addresses the EU objectives to improve data security and develop new tools for managing the ever-increasing amount of data—while reducing end-users’ data storage costs and their CO2 footprint.

In addition, we are focused on delivering a sustainable technology in all aspects—from manufacture, to production and long-term storage.


Our bold innovation is meeting the growing need for offline, secure data storage. This project will further adapt and mature our technology to be a competitive data storage solution. It will have a significant impact on our end-clients, offering savings of up to 80% on long-term preservation cost. In addition, it guarantees future authenticity and availability of their information by using open source formats on an offline storage medium.

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The 24 month project began on 1 September 2018 and will be achieved through 6 work packages:

WP 1: piqlFilm performance maturation
In this work package, we aim to increase the piqlFilm current performance in terms of film resistance and storage capacity.
WP 2: piqlFilm production scale-up
In this work package, we aim to transfer the high-performance piqlFilm production from laboratory (150 sqm of film per day) to industrial scale (2.000 sqm of film per day).
WP 3: Large scale piloting validation and demonstration
In this work package, we aim to demonstrate the enhanced performance of piqlFilm through piloting, testing, training and evaluating.
WP 4: Market and regulatory monitoring
In this work package, we aim to understand the market to ensure we position our services effectively. We will also review our position and prepare for post project exploitation.
WP 5: Communication, dissemination and exploitation of results
In this work package, we aim to ensure that all relevant stakeholders and members of the public are updated on our progress and achievements. We will develop and implement a stakeholder engagement and communication plan to disseminate the results of our project.
WP 6: Innovation management
In this work package, we aim to ensure the project runs smoothly. This includes a number of administrative and management processes including risk management, financial management, a business innovation plan and commercialization plan.

Our success so far

Superior piqlFilm

Successful development of a new film that is more environmentally friendly, cost efficient and meets our supply needs.

Global piloting activities

More than 80 pilot clients from 11 nations have participated in the project and have tested our technology. These pilots have given us valuable feedback so we can improve further.

Welcoming new clients

Through the piloting activities, we have welcomed a number of new clients and are exploring future projects, which can hold great significance for Piql and its partners.


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