Piql has been granted support for our Piql-GO project by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program, Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme of the Innovation in SMEs, under grant agreement 804477.

Project aim

Piql-GO aims to upscale and commercialise our disruptive and patented Piql System for ultra-secure storage and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data. This project will ultimately finetune and solidify our service offerings towards the needs of different segments.

This is an important recognition of the work we do within data security and digital preservation. We are proud to be among the top 2% of Europe’s innovation-driven businesses and will make sure the funds will be spent to the benefit of our clients.

- Founder and Managing Director of Piql, Rune Bjerkestrand
Piql staff operate technology


We are a highly innovative SME disrupting the market for ultra-secure and long-term data storage. Piql directly addresses the EU objectives to increase data security and develop new tools for managing the ever-increasing amount of data – while reducing end-users’ data storage costs and their CO2 footprint.


The Piql Services are offered to any organisation with a need for long-term preservation and/or ultra-secure data storage. It will have a significant impact on our end-clients, offering savings of up to 80% on long-term preservation cost. In addition it guarantees future authenticity and availability of their information by using open source formats on an offline and hence unhackable storage medium.



The 24 month project began on 1 April 2018 and will be achieved through 6 work packages:

WP 1: Technology maturation
In this workpackage, we aim to elevate our technology to a even higher standard. We will optimize our hardware to achieve greater speeds and manufacture systems.
WP 2: Large-scale segment validation
In this work package, we aim to enhance and mature our technology to selected clients in several segments. This includes installation, training and a performance assessment. Following the assessment we will make final adjustments and evaluate for future optimization.
WP 3: Value chain consolidation and upscaling
In this work package, we will ensure we can manage increased sales by testing and improving our supply chain. We will also implement internal changes to prepare for full commercialization and conduct competence building with our Piql Partners.
WP 4: Market and regulatory monitoring
In this work package, we aim to understand the market to ensure that our services can be targeted to the right audiences. We will also review our position in the market and adapt as necessary to ensure we remain competitive.
WP 5: Communication, dissemination and exploitation of results
In this work package, we aim to ensure that all relevant stakeholders and members of the public are updated on our progress and achievements. We will develop and implement a stakeholder engagement and communication plan to disseminate the results of our project.
WP 6: Innovation management
In this work package, we aim to ensure the project runs smoothly. This includes a number of administrative and management processes including risk management, financial management, a business innovation plan and commercialization plan.


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