Piql’s ambition is to give eternal life to information through innovation and this new project, BevariiE will make a significant contribution to achieving this goal.


Preserve into eternity

Double the capacity
Halve the cost
Quadruple the storage lifetime


The vision of three-year project is to double the data capacity of the storage medium, halve the cost and quadruple the storage lifetime, while providing a very attractive and environmentally sustainable solution.

Data storage is a field where resource consumption in the form of energy and consumables is constantly growing, however as data volumes increase, our energy needs must also decrease to meet the global climate challenge.

This project involves both R&D of new products and new methods for longevity testing of data retrieval from piqlFilm over a very long periods of time. This in turn will lead to a significantly improved (and partly new) data retention service offering.

Piql AS has a very interesting project. Data from archives, national libraries, national museums and the like are in many ways the nation's memory and it is incredibly important that we take good care of them. Therefore, I am very pleased that the Research Council now has the opportunity to help Piql manage to carry out this project

John-Arne Røttingen, Executive director, Norwegian Research Council


Norwegian Defense Research Institute

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