Ninestars & Piql announce their strategic partnership

Building on the brand’s DNA of innovation and furthering its commitment to be the leading end-to-end provider of digitization, Ninestars has announced a partnership with Piql, a high-performance unique storage solution provider.

Ninestars, a global leader in digitization and media monitoring services, today announced a new partnership with digital and physical storage solution provider Piql that will provide secure availability of digital content. Integrating Piql’s digital and physical storage solutions within its suite of Digitization and Digital services for the newspaper and publishing industry, Ninestars will be able to offer end-to-end digitization and storage solutions for its customers to help them become truly digital institutions.

Our first priority are our customers, and we are always looking for ways to improve our customer services. This partnership with Piql, will help us extend our reach and allow us to provide advanced end-to-end digitization capabilities for our customers.

Co-founder and Managing Director of Ninestars, Gokul Krishnan.

The companies will collaborate to deliver unique digitization and storage solution reducing intricacy, optimizing operational agility, and improving security. Piql, the leading provider of data archiving solutions, offers organizations with the most reliable, secure archive on an eternal data carrier (piqlFilm).

We are excited to offer our products to publishers and Newspapers, and thrilled to be partnered with Ninestars. By keeping data offline on a future-proof storage medium, we aim to preserve the cultural heritage of the world.

Founder and Managing Director of Piql, Rune Bjerkestrand

The flagship offline-online solution allows for 500+ years of complete security, reduced storage cost, guaranteed authenticity and future accessibility. Piql also offers storage in the Arctic World Archive—a safe and secure location to preserve digital memory, in a world where few places aresafe from natural and man-made disasters.

This natural partnership will benefit clients of both companies, expanding the services available to offer a complete digitization and preservation solution for the publishing and newspaper industry.