Transportation Department of Rio de Janeiro (DETRO-RJ)

Piql has helped DETRO-RJ (Transportation Department of the State of Rio de Janeiro) to move from a paper-based to a digital workflow for their legal documents, resulting in increased efficiency, security and improved public services.


DETRO-RJ was facing rapidly growing paper archives that were becoming increasingly time-consuming and inefficient for their employees to handle. They decided to change to a paperless digital workflow. However, as a large share of their archives are legal documents, they needed to use a storage technology accepted by Brazilian Courts.


DETRO-RJ decided to use Piql’s complete solution for a digital workflow. PiqlFilm is recognized in Brazil as having the same value as the original paper documents, hence legal documents stored on piqlFilm can be used as evidence in court.

We digitize DETRO’s paper documents, preserve them to piqlFilm, and make them available through an integration with DETRO’s IT infrastructure. This means DETRO employees can easily access documents from their computer, and instantly share them with multiple departments.

The workflow meets the standards of OAIS (Open Archival Information System), ISO 14721 and CONARQ (Council of the National Archives of Brazil).

Piql enables DETRO-RJ to operate an OAIS compliant workflow and integrate paper archives with digital-born documents.

Ricardo Fioravante Lisboa, Director of IT, DETRO-RJ