Piql trusted with Siemens historical treasures

Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. Established in 1847, Siemens has played an impressive role in shaping the technological evolution of Germany, Europe and the whole world.


The Siemens Historical Institute maintains one of the largest, best-known corporate archives in Germany. Consisting of documents, books, films and products, the archive holds approximately 10,000 metres of shelf space and 10 terabytes of information.

The constantly growing collection includes a million historical pictures, recordings of various speeches, 8,000 films and 10,000 historical objects. Such a rich history is too valuable to lose.

For the most valuable sources in our Corporate Archives, we wanted to find a special home – “a place for eternity. We are convinced that Piql’s approach to long-term archiving in the Arctic World Archive is the right one for some of our most valuable documents.

Dr. Johannes von Karczewski, Head of Siemens Historical Institute


Piql offers the only future-proof digital preservation solution for items with significant historical value.

Siemens trusted Piql to digitally preserve founding documents and letters of Werner von Siemens, a man who changed the world.
Piql’s future-proof, migration-free solution was an easy choice for Siemens who wanted the ultimate insurance that these documents would never be lost and would survive for many generations to come.

Siemens also chose to store their data in the safety of the Arctic World Archive, alongside other global treasure s such as the National Archives of Mexico, Edvard Munch paintings and ancient manuscripts from the Vatican.

Siemens valued our innovative purpose-built solution, meeting OAIS compliance with well-proven technology. It’s as easy to use as any other digital technology, but with a unique security, integrity and longevity.

Piql provided Siemens with the ultimate insurance for their most valuable pieces of history.