Museu Del Castell de Peralada preserves Spanish heritage with Piql

The Museu Del Castell de Peralada, located in a 14th century Carmelite convent, is an important cultural repository of rich Spanish history.


The Museum holds nearly 100,000 books, 800 Patents of Nobility, 140 manuscripts, 200 incunabula, 40 Letter Books from Damiá Mateu and 5000 pieces of the Cervantes Collections.

Digitisation is the first step to not only capture items before any further decay occurs, but also to provide enhanced archival management, optimisation, monetisation, findability and accessibility. But digitisation alone does not ensure that the data will remain accessible into the future. Preserving digital files on most mediums requires migration after a short period as technology and software becomes obsolete. Over time this can become very expensive. Ensuring the files can stay alive over time is a crucial consideration for historical institutions, and a key focus for Piql.

Like many historical institutions, parts of the collection are beginning to deteriorate and were at risk of being lost forever.


Offering the best longevity, accessibility and security, the Museu Del Castell de Peralada chose Piql to digitally preserve the letters and books from Damia Mateu, founder of the museum, and selected maps from 17-19th centuries. Piql provided analysis of the collection to design a tailored digital preservation solution, including digitisation with optical character recognition and enriched metadata extraction, online accessibility and long-term digital preservation on the most resilient medium in the world, piqlFilm. By printing digital files to piqlFilm, we ensured the museum’s data is safe, secure and resilient. Our migration-free technology allows fast data recovery, with no data loss. Our solution is OAIS compliant, built on innovative research with well-proven technology. It’s as easy to use as any other digital technology, but with a unique security, integrity and longevity.