Jancina Architects group

The Jancina Architects Group is an architectural and project team consisting of several business entities. Founded in 1992, the team delivered high quality architectural services for its clients.


Architectural firms hold large amounts of valuable documentation consisting of designs, planning records, territorial applications and approvals, construction procedures, tender documentation and implementation documentation.

It is often necessary to archive significant volumes of documents and provide them to the owner of the building in a paper form. As time passes, these documents, holding critical information, can be lost or damaged. Our client was searching for a solution that would safely store the necessary documents for the lifetime of a building, while minimising the costs of storing and maintaining documents.


The Jacina Architects Group chose Piql to archive and store the architectural and construction documentation for AUPARK Bratislava Shopping Centre.

This included:
• the preparation of paper documentation for digital archival
• digitisation of paper documents
• extraction of metadata
• online accessibility
• permanent digital and visual offline storage.

In total, over 28,000 pages of paper documentation were prepared and processed prior to being digitised, with metadata extraction enabling full text search.

‘Digitisation, archival and long-term storage offered by Piql is the ideal solution for long-term storage of documentation with lower maintenance costs for archives.”

All files are compliant with OAIS archival standards with the addition of an open source code that written on our eternal data carrier, piqlFilm, to ensure that data and documents can always be read independently of technology in the future.

With this solution, the client has access without limitation to archived documents, which were previously stored only in paper form, overcoming the risk that the information could be destroyed over time. The documents are now stored in two places – online on the client’s servers and piqlFilm.

When submitting the project documentation to the building owner, the architect can also submit a copy of files and documents to the developer (third party) on a piqlFilm, which guarantees authenticity, inalterability, immediate and lifelong access to the original data.

Piql’s solution also resulted in freeing up valuable storage space and increasing searchability and findability of the collection, creating value for the organisation.

• quick access to both online and offline documents
• long-term digital archiving on resilient and secure medium
• OAIS formats for future accessibility
• cost efficient