Wedding memories to last forever


Indian weddings aren’t just a union of two people, but of two families. A celebration lasting for up to five days, it is an event so sacred and holy, that the entire community joins in on the festivities. An event as important as this should be preserved, not just for the couple and their families, but generations to come. This allows descendants to share the joy of their ancestral celebrations, capturing the true spirit of an Indian Wedding.

Shrieya, an accountant in sustainable finance and her groom Raghav, a roboticist and an engineer, recognised the significance of this moment in their lives and decided to preserve their joy for generations to come.

To do this, the couple worked with Piql to digitally preserve photographs and videos from their wedding. In addition, the couple chose to store their precious memories in the Arctic World Archive, a proof data vault with a growing collection of world memory, representing cultures from around the world.

Shrieya and Raghav selected a number of photos and videos and began the preservation process. The files were uploaded onto the piqlConnect preservation platform where they were checked and prepared and packaged as an archival information package.

Preserving these memories is beautifully symbolic of their promise to each other - both to last forever.

The files were then printed to piqlFilm, Piql’s unique preservation medium which allows data to live on for perpetuity. PiqlFilm is a 35mm nano film that is designed to withstand time and decay. The unique technology is capable of storing multiple forms of media, including videos.

The data was then stored in Arctic World Archive, located deep inside a mountain on the arctic island of Svalbard, Norway. This vault is one of the safest locations in the world for storing data as it is built to endure the test of time, safe from natural and man-made disasters.

Data stored here can last for centuries with guaranteed future accessibility. Ensuring that the valuable data stored is safely carried on into the distant future for the benefit of future generations.

It was also important for the couple to be able to easily access and share these memories with everyone who was a part of the celebrations. Piql’s online preservation platform, piqlConnect gives them instant online access to their digital repository, with the files stored permanently offline.

Piql has worked to make the whole process as easy as possible, so that the wedding celebrations can extend beyond.

Being able to preserve and ‘freeze’ our wedding pictures forever on this planet feels quite amazing! Also, the glimpse they provide into our culture form part of an important global memory collection.

Shrieya, Bride.

For Shrieya and Raghav, it is not simply the final product of the memories in the AWA. It is also about the experience that comes with it. It creates an interesting story to share with her grandparents as well as grandchildren, about technology from the past and the future. It’s the element of something new and different that makes their wedding even more special.

Shrieya and Raghav are the first couple to store such a special memory in AWA. Piql looks forward to welcoming many more happy couples in the future! From everyone at Piql, we wish Shrieya and Raghav every happiness.