Preserving humanities achievements – a global challenge

Piql is passionate about preserving the world’s cultural heritage and making it available for future generations. Recognised for our efforts towards this shared challenge, Piql was invited to contribute to a round table discussion with highly esteemed thought leaders from around the world.

The Global Round Table (GRT) is comprised of former heads of state and senior political leaders, former UNESCO and science academy presidents and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate among others and is focussed on providing recommendations to the EU on how we can preserve humanities achievements.

‘The civilised world must ensure that humanity’s heritage of worthy scientific and artistic achievements do not become another ‘Atlantis’ in the future. We must guard against our history and achievements being falsified and misused’

Recognised as experts in this field, as the co-creators of the Arctic World Archive (AWA), Piql was invited to provide input and insight into the report.

The report made a number of recommendations to be considered by the EU, including:

  • identifying the items worthy of preservation, the technologies required and the sustainable facilities needed
  • conducting a feasibility project of initiatives in Europe suited for long-term preservation of humanity’s intellectual and artistic achievements.
  • developing a joint and determined voice against any form of cultural genocide wherever it takes place.

A physical gathering was postponed due to the pandemic, however will occur in future, where Piql will have the opportunity to present to the GRT on our approach to preservation and on the vision of the Arctic World Archive.