Protection of Corporate History for Tronrud Engineering

Tronrud Engineering, has, with its history going back to 1977, an impressive industrial story by developing, producing and delivering automation solutions to clients and institutions on a global level. The company has headquarters at Eggemoen, Norway and is recognised as one of the most innovative industrial companies in the country.


Like many industrial organisations, Tronrud is developing and producing large amounts of valuable information in their production systems, both for their clients and internal processes.

In addition, the historical documentation which shows the company’s corporate development through decades, has value both for Tronrud, as well as their commercial connections.

Like many organisations, Tronrud needed a comprehensive overview of the most valuable historical content and be able to quickly find and access relevant information, regardless of age or format, without any difficulties in the integrity and authenticity of the file.

Tronrud also needed a secure and immutable way of ensuring the most invaluable information to be securely kept forever


As Tronrud didn’t have a pre-existing archival workflow, we began with an assessment of which historical content held value, should be preserved, and for how long.

The content had been stored together with active files on a server-based storage system, without any categorisation of how long it needs to be kept for or its value to the organisation.

Following the assessment, a selection of data was identified as important corporate history and appropriate for archival treatment. For efficiency and security, the files were offset into a parallel storage process to ensure that the information was secured and stored appropriately.

Piql assisted Tronrud with preparing the chosen collection of images, videos and documents, normalising the files to preservation formats and then storing it on the long-term storage medium, piqlFilm.

In addition, Tronrud chose the ultimate archival option, storing the piqlFilm reel in the Arctic World Archive, a remote and secure archive with a perpetuity time perspective.


To retrieve information, Tronrud will use our new purpose-built preservation platform, piqlConnect, to search in the metadata of the information stored and request a retrieval of from the offline storage medium.

In this way, they will have access to their files within hours, while still ensuring the full security and integrity of their offline data.