Piql partners with CES Group in China

Piql expands into the Chinese market by partnering with China Information Development Inc. (CES Group), a company that has a strong position in the archiving and preservation sectors with 27 offices across the country.

A partnership between the CES Group and Piql was launched at the Chinese Archives Society Seminar in Beijing on March 16th. Rune Bjerkestrand, Managing Director of Piql, and Mr. Li Zhiqing, President of Archives Business Group in the CES Group, signed the collaboration agreement between the two companies.

CES group offers software development, system integration and technical services for over 300 archives and over 1000 record offices in China. Piql is very proud to present this partnership and we are excited to explore the Chinese market together with CES group

Founder and Managing Director of Piql, Rune Bjerkestrand

At the seminar Piql presented their technology to 140 representatives from major Chinese archives. Eric Cardoso from the National Archives of Mexico presented their challenges with long-term preservation of digital data and their experience with Piql’s preservation technology.

As the CES Group is a listed company, the partnership was announced to the Chinese stock exchange market.