Almost 6 million extra for Piql’s research and development

Piql is thrilled to be the first company in Norway to receive additional support for research and development from the Government’s new support measures.

Announced today, by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Iselin Nybø, Piql will receive an additional 5,715,000 NOK from the Research Council.

Piql applied for increased funding for an existing research and development project, BevariiE, as a result of the announcement on 27 March of additional support for businesses.

Due to run over three years, the project aims to increase data capacity and longevity, dramatically strengthening Piql’s existing services.

As a result of the enhanced support, the project now can enhance R&D and importantly, retain jobs. With current circumstances, this support makes a critical difference.

In a statement issued on Friday 24 April, Executive Director of the Research Council John-Arne Røttingen said that it is important and correct that companies such as Piql AS now receive an increased degree of support.

‘Piql AS has a very interesting project. Data from archives, national libraries, national museums and the like are in many ways the nation’s memory and it is incredibly important that we take good care of them. Therefore, I am very pleased that the Research Council now has the opportunity to help Piql manage to carry out this project despite the corona crisis,’ he said.

Piql remains incredibly grateful for the support and is working hard to deliver against its goals.